History of the Advertisement

Advertisement and communication have been developing simultaneously with the development of human civilization. Advertisement is the effective means of marketing the service and products. Narad Muni was a very popular Journalist in the Vedic era. Narad Muni used to influence the god and goddess with the information both happy and sad news though god himself was omnipresent. In fact, Narad muni was an industrious and good journalist. He was not only an informer he was also an instructor .

Later kings and emperors used horses to disseminate information. Some kings used to capture the horses defying the sender inventing war. Some kings used horses to collect Tax for the Aswamegh . Crows have also been taken as an informer in Nepalese society. Peason used to carry letters on their beak.Drums and the like instruments were used for mass communication in those earlier days. The Panche Baja i.e. wedding music also has a communicative significance. The Gaines, 'Sarangi Singer' were also used as messenger is the olden days they even used to entertain the villagers where there were no other means of entertainment.

The war Mahabharat was declared by the sonorous sound of conch i.e. 'Shankhanaad. According to the pace of development different means of communication were used like Bell, Drum, Gun, Cannon, Newspaper,' Radio', Miking, TV, Telephone Mobile, Pamphlets, Hoarding board, Online internet and the like. Kanfatta, the hermit of gorakhnath sect, still blow animal horns during midnight to inform the house owner that he is chasing the evil spirits. It is still in practice in Nepal

The objective of Advertisement is to expose the information publicity in order to promote the business. Culturally, Nepal is a rich country. Culture is the mirror of any society. History is the store of information and experience. History guides the present so the people of modern era have learnt a lot from the Past. Gorkha News Agency is well aware about the history of Advertisement. We are very conscious about the role and responsibility of the advertisement. We pay our special attention to provide the best advertising service to our valued customers.

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